Venue Staff - How to Process Orders

Venue Staff - How to Process Orders

Venue Staff - How to Process Orders

How to Process Orders

When a customer places an order, it will appear in the ‘Your Orders’ section.

The details of the order are also displayed, they are: 
  • the order number; 
  • the product(s) ordered; 
  • any product customisations (e.g. No Ice); and
  • whether the order is for table delivery (w/table number) or collection.

  1. Click ‘Accept’ to notify the customer that their order has been accepted. If you want to decline the order, tap ‘Decline’ to notify the customer that their order has been declined. 
  2. Once accepted, prepare the order.
  3. Once all the products in the order are ready to be served, tap on the green circle to notify your customer that their product is out for table service. This also automatically moves the order from ‘Live’ to ‘Past’.

The Traffic Light System

RedUse this if there was an issue with the order – you can refund an order entirely or part refund it. 
AmberUse this to notify the customer there will be a slight delay receiving their order (helpful if you are busy)
GreenClick this once the order has been made to notify the customer their order will be with them soon. This is also a crucial part of the order process and moves the order from the ‘Live’ screen to the ‘Past’ screen.
Useful Info
  1. If a customer is having trouble trying to place an order. First point of call should be to ask them to close out of the app and start the order again. Occasionally, errors occur mid-order which can prevent them proceeding. 
  1. In Settings – Venue Public Details – there is a button underneath the opening times labelled “Tap Below to Open Venue”. This manually overrides your opening times and enables you to close early without needing to change your opening times. Just remember to press the button again the next day!
  1. When you refund an order, you can choose from a few options. If you choose the “item out of stock” option, this will out of stock the item on your menu. 
  1. Support no. 01273 042 099

A printable version of this guide can be found below. 

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