Samsung Knox Login - What Is My Tenant ID

Samsung Knox Login - What Is My Tenant ID

Occasionally when you first unbox your Samsung Venue Tablet you will receive a prompt on the screen asking for your Samsung Tablet login information,

In order to proceed past this screen, you'll simply need to locate your tablet's serial number.
  1. The serial number can be found on the back of the tablet itself (by the charging port)
  2. The serial number can also be located on the box the tablet came in, located near the barcode.
Note: The serial number will begin with 'R52'

Once you've retrieved your tablet's serial number you'll need to enter the login information as follows:

Using serial number R52ABCDEFG as an example.

Password: R52ABCDEFG$

Please ensure to enter your own serial number, followed by for the username,
Please ensure to enter the $ on the end of the serial number for the password.
Please also double-check that you have entered the serial number in uppercase, and in lowercase.

If you are having any further difficulty login in after following these steps, please email

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