How to Find Your Network Printer's IP Address

How to Find Your Network Printer's IP Address

How to find your network printer's IP Address 

Star Micronics SP700

You will need;
  1. A Star Micronics SP700 Network Printer
1. Remove the small panel on the bottom of the printer. With the power/ethernet ports to the left, from left to right the switches should be as follows (U = up, D = down): U-D-U-D-U-U-U-D. (The purpose of this is to tell the printer to use ESC POS commands) 
2. Plug it into power, internet and make sure it has paper/ink
3. With the printer off, hold down the feed button
4. Turn the printer on, still holding down the feed button
5. After the printer beeps once, release the feed button. This should print the Data sheet, which is in two parts
6. At the bottom of the second part, under “Current IP Parameters Status”, the default gateway should be the IP Address of your Router (Usually
7. The “IP Address” is what you should use within the app to set up the printing

Epson TM-U220

You will need;
  1. An Epson TM-U220 Network Printer

1.Remove the small panel on the bottom of the printer. The functions of each switch in the ethernet model are;

2. Recommended are; DSW1 – All Down (Off) DSW2 - D-U-D-D-D-D-D-U

3. Factory reset the printer
4. Make sure the printer is turned off
5. Press and hold the small button on the back of the printer above the ethernet port (I used a pen)
6. Keep the button pressed, and turn the printer on
7. After around 5 seconds of holding the button down the printer should print out a “Resetting to Factory Defaults” (you can let go of the button now)
8. After a while it will print “Resetting to Factory Default Finished”
9. At the bottom of the ticket there will be a TCP/IP Status section, this should say something to the effect of;
IP Address:
Subnet Mask:
Default Gateway:
11. Run EpsonNet Config, and make sure that the printer is plugged into power and the network
12. On first run you may need to register the utility as an exception to the windows firewall, this should pop up as a prompt  (choose Yes)
13. Refresh the list
14. Select the printer and click Configuration

15. Under TCP/IP -> Basic, choose Automatic and click Transmit

16. After transmitting, open the printer configuration again and choose Manual

17. The default gateway should have defaulted to your Routers IP (usually Make a note of the IP Address (this is what you use within the App). Transmit this change to the printer
18. Refresh the list, you should see the new IP Address in the list


  1. Plug into network, make sure its turned on and has paper
  2. Open the cover, and press the button under the feed button for about 5 seconds (i.e the one next to the paper roll)
  3. Close the cover – it should print out the sheet with the IP details on it
To connect your Network Printer please view the full guide here: How to Connect Your Network Printer

*Downloadable PDF copy of the guide below.
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