How Does ROUND Work?

How Does ROUND Work?

  1. Your customer downloads and opens ROUND on their smartphone
  2. They select your venue and browse the menu
  3. They order and pay for the product they want, specifying whether they would like the product to be served to their table or to the designated collection point.
  4. Your venue receives the order on your ROUND tablet.
  5. If your customer has ordered for table delivery, a staff member delivers the order to their table. If your customer has ordered for collection, they collect the order from your venue’s designated ROUND collection point.

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      Checklist to get the most out of ROUND Here are 10 easy ways to ensure you are getting the most out of ROUND. 1. Staff tipping! Tipping is a great way to motivate your team, and the ROUND tipping feature gives customers a simple way to add a tip ...
    • How Do I Explain What Round Is to My Customers?

      ROUND is an order, pay and loyalty app ROUND allows your customers to order and pay for food and drinks from their smartphone, served to their table or to a designated collection point.
    • How do we download ROUND onto our own tablet?

      If you want to access the venue-facing side of ROUND (what you’d see on your Venue Tablet) on your own tablet or PC, go to and log in using the email address and password associated with your ROUND account.
    • Will the ROUND Venue Tablet be linked to our tills?

      The ROUND Venue Tablet acts independently from your till systems. However, we are developing functionality to allow them to integrate which will be available in the coming months. If you use an EPoS/POS for your stocktake and financial accounting, ...
    • What Do I Do When I Receive My ROUND Kickstart Pack Through the Post?

      When you receive your Kickstart Pack through the post,  Plug the included ROUND tablet into mains power Insert the tablet into the tablet stand Set up any included marketing materials Power up the ROUND tablet Tap the ROUND widget and log in using ...