How Do I Upload My Bank Statement?

How Do I Upload My Bank Statement?

How Do I Upload My Bank Statement?

See here for more information on Adding Your Bank Details.

Is the bank statement in your name?

If YES, please follow points 1-3 (Individuals) below, 
If NO (i.e. if it’s in the name of your pub) then please follow Sole Traders (1) below.

  1. The bank statement should be in your name (the name you applied with and the same name present on your passport). 
  2. Please ensure that you have typed everything correctly and that it matches your bank statement.
  3. If everything is correct, tap ‘Submit’. 
Sole Traders:
  1. You will need to contact your bank and request a letter on headed paper which proves that you own the bank account – you cannot submit your statement as we cannot prove that you own that bank account yet!
  2. For example, we need to know the bank account called ‘The Kings Head’ belongs to Bob Smith. The letter from the bank needs to include the bank’s logo and all of your account details. Please only proceed once you have this proof (note: it can be an email from the bank and we can accept the screenshot of the email or a scan of the physical letter). 

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