How Do I Connect My Bluetooth Printer?

How Do I Connect My Bluetooth Printer?

How Do I Connect My Bluetooth Printer? 

Please note, currently supported Bluetooth printer models are the Jolimark TP510 which can be purchased directly here:

First, ensure that the receipt paper is inserted the right way round (you can check by looking at the photo on the underside of the printer lid. You may then close the paper draw and press ‘Feed’.

You'll then need to make sure that your printer is paired to the Samsung tablet itself, this can be done by going into the Samsung tablet's settings - your Bluetooth printer should be always actively looking for a connection and should appear on the tablet's Bluetooth settings.

Once you've paired the tablet to the printer via Bluetooth please log in to your account over at

Click on the 'Your Orders' page and then double-tap around the top right-hand corner of the screen - near to where it says 'connection secured' and the battery / WiFi symbols. 

This will open up a new menu in which you will be able to connect your printer to ROUND:
  1. Tap 'Add Bluetooth Printer'
  2. Ensure Bluetooth is enabled on the tablet and tap ‘Scan’ (the slider at the top of the page will say ‘On’)
  3. Next, select JOLIMARK TP510 from the list. If the name of the printer is not displayed, your Jollimark will have a printer symbol next to it followed by a series of numbers and letters e.g. 20:2C:B7:85:1A:E3
  4. Enter passcode '1234' (if required)
You will then see a number of tick boxes where you can select which type of tickets the printer is to print out (food only, for example). You may also choose to print duplicate tickets (see guide here). 

Once that's done you may run a test order - at the point the order is accepted in 'Your Orders'  the printer will print out the ticket automatically.

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