EPOS Now - How It Works

EPOS Now - How It Works

EPOS Now How It Works

1. Go to eposnowhq.com and login to your EPOS Now account
2. Tap ‘Manage’
3. Tap ‘Product List’
4. The following page is displayed:

5. Using the example of ‘Budweiser’, you can see that the Article Code (PLU code) is ‘888bud’. 
6. If you haven’t already added Article/PLU codes to your products, you need to add them here by tapping ‘Edit’ on the product. 
  1. For products with only one variation, this should be done at the Product level (the PLU/SKU code field on page 1 of ‘Add/Edit Product’).
  2. If a product has multiple variations, you should assign the PLU code to all variations. E.g., Stella, you should assign the codes to the ‘Pint’ and the ‘Half Pint’
7. Once Article/PLU codes have been added to your products, login to your ROUND Venue account
8. Go to the ‘Your Menu’ page
9. You now need to add the corresponding PLU codes entered on the EPOS Now ‘Product List’ page to your products on ROUND. I’ll use the example of a Budweiser.
10. Tap the edit pencil icon next to the product and the following page will be displayed:

11. Enter ‘888bud’ in the PLU/SKU code field
12. Tap ’Next’
13. If your product has more than one size variation, you need to enter ‘888bud’ on each of the size variations. Alternatively, you can set up your products on EPOS Now so that a half-pint and a pint have their own PLU codes and are tracked separately ‘e.g. Half Pint of Bud = ‘888budhalf’, Pint of Bud = ‘888budpint’

14. Tap ’Next’
15. If the product has any customisation options associated with it, ensure that these also have corresponding PLU codes added to them.
16. Tap ’Save’

Once PLU codes have been added to your products, 

1. A customer places an order at your venue for a pint of Budweiser
2. The Order appears on the ‘Your Orders’ page on your ROUND Venue Tablet
3. Checking the ’Transactions’ page of EPOS Now (tap ‘Reporting’ and then ’Transactions’), you can see that the recently placed order is visible as a transaction with the order details and date/time:

4. You can also see that this order was from ‘Round’ so that you know which orders are ROUND orders.
5. If any refunds are made against the order, these will appear as new negative transactions on the ’transactions’ page.
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