Checklist to Get the Most Out of ROUND

Checklist to Get the Most Out of ROUND

Checklist to get the most out of ROUND

Here are 10 easy ways to ensure you are getting the most out of ROUND.

1. Staff tipping!

Tipping is a great way to motivate your team, and the ROUND tipping feature gives customers a simple way to add a tip during the checkout process. To enable tipping, just tap “Enable Tipping” in “Venue General Settings”.

2. Offer a discount with promo codes

Promotions such as happy hours and lunchtime discounts can encourage customers to purchase more items and visit your venue during quieter periods. With ROUND, you can set a % or £ discount on selected products and within certain times.

3. Rearrange your menu

Want to sell more premium products? Simply re-order your menu so the premium products appear at the top. You could do this for your spirits and wine lists. ROUND venues report increased sales of premium products as the customer can see the full list of what’s available, allowing them to try new things. You can do this within ‘Subcategories’ – tap the pencil icon and drag to reorder the products.

To add your venue logo to the home screen just visit the “Venue General Settings”.

5. Adjust your venue colour scheme

Just click on “Venue General Settings” and pick the colours that work best for your venue.

This feature is a great way to sell specific products which are high in stock or nearing their best-before date. For example, you could change your ‘Beer’ subcategory type to ‘Promo’ so these products are featured at the start of your menu. Less wasted stock as a result of the increased sales!

7. Upsell!

ROUND allows you to upsell with ease! Select 3 products to always appear on the user’s checkout page. Add 3 complimentary products such as chips, nuts and a side salad to increase your average order value.

8. Venue description

Complete your venue description to let your customers know about events, add your track & trace information and add the links to your social media channels.

9. Marketing Packs

Use posters, stickers and table talkers around your venue to let your customers know they can order on the ROUND app. Having more customers order on the ROUND app could also increase your profits with a recent study by CGA finding that 67% of adults would spend more cash and buy more drinks if they could order from their mobile device.

10. Offer takeaway and delivery

Did you know you can offer collection and delivery on ROUND – and at no additional cost? Simply email or call 01273 042 699 to get started.

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